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How We Make Our Picks

With our 24 proprietary scripts, our seasoned traders utilize state of the art trading tools and bots to provide remarkably accurate trades. We use the time-tested Bollinger band indicators to analyze the strength or weakness of coins to determine which ones to acquire. By studying the high and low averages with Bollinger, we are able buy at desirable bottoms and sell at profitable tops. We also study EMA's (Exponential moving averages), whether quick or slow, to pinpoint when these band averages accurately cross to execute timely trades. MACD indicator algorithms are also used in conjunction with EMA's to maximize utmost accuracy. To insure profitable results, the historic Fibonacci Bollinger indicator is used on nearly every trade.

Target Profits

While there have been extraordinary moves in many cryptocurrencies to generate profits as high as 100% and more , here at CWE our target profit margins are a bit different. Instead of the occasional "meteoric home run" that most day traders look for at 3 am, we are perfectly content with the abundant low hanging fruit of the many short term trades that yield 1-3% consistently. While sticking to our conservative approach we have been able to help our subscribers realize remarkable profits by adding together the results of these many small trades. There's an old saying in the financial world: "If you take care of your little money, your big money will take care of itself."

M.J. Kelley is one of the most highly respected CryptoCurrency traders in the world. Mr. Kelley started with a $20 trading account and traded his way to over $2,000,000 in profits in less than 18 months – without adding any additional funds to his account. He accomplished this using the proprietary trading strategy that he has taught to thousands of traders around the world.
About CryptoWorld Elite (CWE): CWE is a highly specialized independent digital asset management firm. Our team, with over 60 years of experience trading in the Stock and Options Markets and 5 years in CryptoCurrency, has the necessary experience to help traders profit handsomely in the cryptocurrency market. CWE has helped thousands of investors get started in the cryptocurrency market by providing training and mentorship for winning profits and understanding trading strategies.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it...he who doesn't...pays it. ~Albert Einstein

What other are saying...

“We get instant support about coin buying and selling most days from CWE on the Telegram Channel, and several live internet video chats where we can ask questions and learn how to duplicate what these guys have done on a day to day basis.”  ~David Grice

“A friend told me he was learning from CWE  and how they believe in teaching people how to trade, read charts, what to look out for both good and bad. I started following CWE on YouTube and started watching the streaming live coin reviews. Then signed up for the Pro Level Coaching and wow was that worth it. I still have lots to learn but the folks at CWE have given me a great head start.”  ~Robert Wielhouwer

“I was one of the first few people to sign up for CWE email blast alerts and it was the best investment into myself I have ever made financially. They literally take all the worry out of investing in cryptocurrencies. What to buy, what the expected gains will be and then a reminder when to sell. Doesn't get much easier than that.” ~Brian Lareau

Our Goal is to Provide Exceptional Crypto Trading Signals to Our Members.
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