US Counsel Hints Bitwise & VanEck bitcoin ETF proposals On SEC’s Way

Bitcoin ETF, the very hot topic since late 2018 is on way to SEC’s final decision. According to the latest SEC’s announcement and the tweet by Jake Chervinsky who serves as Defense Counsel in the U.S hints that SEC’s decision for pending Bitwise and VanEck Bitcoin ETF is near – the countdown begins.

To remind, the VanEck Bitcoin ETF was filed in conjunction with CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and resubmitted to SEC with few amendments in late Jan 2019. On the other hand, the Bitwise Asset Management’s ETF was filed with NYSE Arca and published the proposal in the Federal Register on Feb 15, 2019. However, SEC didn’t respond to any ETF yet, in fact, it had asked to withdraw ‘Reality Shares’ its ‘partial-bitcoin ETF’ a day after submission.

Furthermore, in the history of ETF until today, there’s no definite decision from SEC – but this time, the team has recently announced via ‘Federal Register’ that ‘BitWise and VanEck’ ETF proposals are under review. Means that on Feb 20, 2019, SEC announced that initial decision on ETF is on way and they have also initiated ‘countdown of 45 days’ to decide – whether the approval, rejection or extension.

In a similar regard, Jake Chervinsky – who quite often shares the status on SEC’s decision towards important crypto assets and proposals including ETFs – took to Twitter, notifying the sequel update as ‘the clock is running on ETF proposals’. His tweet goes as follows;

Counting the initial 45 days after the proposal formally published in the ‘Federal Register on Feb 20, the response would be expected to reveal after March 13. Furthermore, the US SEC would take another three weeks (ie. Expected April 5) to announce its decision. Notably, Jake clarified the SEC’s current deadlines for Bitwise is April 1 and for VanEck is April 6.

At the moment, any comment from both the firm is still not made public – stay tuned with Coingape to know more what would likely happen with ETF before the SEC finally revealed its decision.

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